Life between the death: how nature reclaims cemeteries

Cities are growing really fast, and new buildings are appearing everywhere either for the living or for leisure, affecting wildlife and making it move to further places outside the city. As new building appear, green space is reduced, turning cemeteries into places of leisure and as the refuge for native wildlife. Turning the cemeteries into parks can be a tricky thing as some people view them as sacred. Population keeps increasing every year, and noise, pollution, and mental health problems increase as well. Cities can be very stressful and people need to have recreational spaces in urban areas. Some psychologists say that human brain has not yet coped with the changes of living in cities because humans have spent thousands of years adapting to nature and they have only been living in cities for just a few generations. People are disengaging from the natural world that surrounds us, causing several mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress.